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Online counselling

Life is hard and navigating through emotional pain and stress can be more than most people can handle alone. Counseling offers those who are hurting the opportunity to have another person walk with them in their pain, offering support and guidance. My counseling style is non-judgmental and very relational, offering hope and grace to all in the midst of their brokenness and struggles. I work with a wide variety of clients and issues with a special focus in the areas of self-esteem/self-worth and grief/loss due to death, divorce, life transitions, or unfulfilled life expectations.

Stephanie currently ONLY provides counseling for Missouri residents through a HIPAA compliant Telehealth Platform.

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Counseling Services

Preliminary Reviews...

Everything is a read that you won’t want to put down. Stephanie shares the beautifully crafted story of her walk with Jesus from childhood to adulthood and the hard, heart-wrenching messy parts along the way. While she authentically paints a picture of the lows of navigating where Christ is in this world and the highs of him redeeming every part of her walk, she subtly turns the story back on the reader to evaluate the questions we struggle with. Can I actually have an abundant relationship with Jesus? Is there really such thing as hope in our broken world? Why would Jesus choose to redeem my retched past and still love me? 


If you’re looking to be inspired about a walk with Jesus that is perfectly imperfect and how you too can find freedom, Everything is a must-read. 

                                                                                                                   - Sydney M., Aug. 2022

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