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Professional Counselor


Passionate Advocate of Hope!

Echoes of Hope was launched as an answer to the question presented to me on a daily basis. “Is hope real?” Regularly, I sit with people who are struggling in some way, whether it be health, finances, a wayward child, grief, marital crisis or whatever life throws at them, and the question remains the same. “Is there hope in my situation?” Or to phrase it differently, “Can I trust that God will show up in my pain?” In light of the brokenness found in our world, I think these are valid questions.


Over the years, I can honestly say that I have found God (through the person of His Son Jesus Christ) to be absolutely faithful and hope to be a real and beautiful thing. The clearest evidence I’ve seen of this hope has been manifested through God’s Word. While I believe this to be true, I also know that this hope is not so accessible and visible to those who are in the middle of a struggle. As I’ve recounted countless conversations with people in crisis, this is a common theme - pain "muffles" God's voice. Hurting people want to believe hope is real, but the reality eludes them and they don’t know how to find it because they can't hear God over their pain.


So how does someone who is hurting find hope? The answer is actually simpler than one might expect. Those who have hope and know it to be true must hold it out and "echo" it to those who can’t see or hear it. A common phrase I find myself utilizing over and over in conversations is, “I know you don’t believe hope is real right now, but I know it is, so how about if you hold onto my hope until you can grasp it for yourself.”


This is the essence and purpose of Echoes of Hope. I know hope is real; I’ve seen it. So for those who can’t see or hear it for themselves, I’m taking the time to mine God’s Word for those “echoes of hope” and then sharing them with you through story, personal experience, and observation. I pray, through Echoes of Hope, you find encouragement to hear God's voice and are blessed.




Stephanie is a graduate of Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri

and completed her undergraduate degree at St. Louis Christian College, Florissant, Missouri.

"And hope

does not disappoint..."


Romans  5:5

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