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Stop Trusting

“Stop trusting in mere humans…”

Isaiah 2:22 (NIV)

The reason I love God’s word is because it has a way of cutting through the noise and clutter of life, speaking exactly what I need to hear at just the right moment.

The past few weeks have been filled with more to do than is humanly possible and I’ve felt like people and projects have only been getting a fraction of my best. It’s not that I don’t want to give myself fully; there’s simply not been enough time. Some things have gotten done, just not to my high standards, and other things have not gotten done at all because they couldn’t be done well. So frustrating!

Though it’s hard to admit, I found myself getting a bit irritated with God as most of what I’ve been trying to accomplish is for him. I found myself praying, “Is it too much to ask for a little help? I know you see me killing myself. Why can’t you send some help rather than me asking for it?” No answer.

Several days later, however, when my tantrum had subsided God did speak. Simply but directly, through his Word with these five little words from the book of Isaiah. “Stop trusting in mere humans…”(Isaiah 2:22, NIV).

The words sat there glaring at me from the page.


At first, I started to push back as I thought, “What humans? I’m trying to accomplish this all by myself. There are no humans I’m trusting in right now!”

Then the direct hit came as I realized what God was revealing to me. The thought swiftly rushed in, “Exactly! I’m not trusting in other humans or even God right now. I’m trusting in myself (a mere human) and my ability to get everything done and clearly it is not working.”

God had been clear. My feeling overwhelmed was real, but it was being exacerbated by my trying to do everything in my own strength. I did need to trust in someone, but that someone was not myself or even another human being. It was him.

I know this is such a small revelation and it’s one of those things I beat myself up for as my flesh condemns me, whispering, “You teach others about God, how can you not know this?”

But this too is combatted by these five little words from Isaiah as I remind myself, I am not perfect and never will be this side of glory. I am just a mere human, which means I too will struggle and need reminders to trust God.

Now, as I’ve shifted the focus off myself and my ability to accomplish things, looking instead to God to help me get things done, I am finding myself once again at peace.

Yes, there is still much to do, but when I leave the “how” up to him and stop trusting in myself, I find it is all getting done and done well.

For Your Reflection…

What do you need to stop trusting yourself to accomplish and trust God instead to help you get done?


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