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Seen AND Heard

"But as for me, I watch in hope for the Lord, I wait for God my Savior; my God will hear me.” Micah 7:7 (NIV)

I remember the old adage from childhood, coming typically from someone older and grumpy, “Children should be seen, not heard.” Seriously? Who came up with that line anyway? What a load of… dirt. Children are meant to be heard! Is there anything more joy provoking than hearing a little one giggle with delight? Does anything remind you of feeling truly free like hearing kids laugh and yell as they chase one another across a grassy field while playing tag? Delight and awe are found in the laugher of children that we as adults need to hear. There is also beauty in the nagging, “Why?” questions children bring. When did it become a bad thing to be inquisitive? Why do we as adults push against these little wide-eyed human beings who want to soak in and understand everything around them? Freedom to explore is found in the questions of children that we as adults need to hear. Hysterical sobs and fitful tantrums on the floor in the living room or the aisle of the grocery store are also good for us as adults to hear from our children. NOT fun, but good for us to hear, for they remind us of what it feels like to be so completely given over to a desire or want that we throw ourselves to the ground in tears when it doesn’t come to pass. When was the last time you felt that passionately about something? There are passion and longing in the cries of children that we as adults need to hear. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, this old adage from childhood has also seeped into the adult life of many Christ-followers. It’s far more subtle, but the feeling is the same… be seen not heard. Show yourself to the world as someone who loves Jesus and has a perfect life because you follow him. If you have struggle, smile, and push through for the kingdom. Be seen, but don’t let anyone hear your struggle, your doubt, your frustration, or dare I even say it, your anger. But it’s even pervasive in areas outside of our struggles. Don’t be too happy or delightful, that’s just prideful. And don’t question God, his ways are always right. If you ask too many questions, you probably don’t really trust him. Really? Again, what a load of… dirt. All of those beautiful things about childhood, our laughter, questioning, and tearful tantrums need to be remembered by us as adults as good and beautiful gifts from the God who HEARS us. He not just watching us, aloof somewhere in the sky, waiting to see how all this is gonna play out. No, he HEARS us! He hears our laughter, he hears our questions, he hears our gut-wrenching sobs, and he welcomes ALL of them. Whatever situation you may find yourself in today, you can “watch in hope” knowing that your voice is not fluttering away into the nothingness of our universe. No, your voice, your prayers, your cries, your laughter, even your tough questions are landing on the ears of a God who not only sees you but hears you and is listening to everything that comes out of your mouth. Close your eyes for a moment and repeat these words… “God sees me, God hears me. God sees me, God hears me. God sees me, God hears me.” I don’t know who needs it but let this mantra guide you into HIS truth. If you believe it, then I pray you feel our Savior’s warm embrace. If you are struggling to believe, don’t give up, keep saying it to yourself until you do believe it. If there is one gift I could give you today, from one broken Christ-follower to another, it is this knowledge: God sees you AND hears you.

For Your Reflection… God hears you. To truly believe this is to take your relationship with God to another level. Since he is listening, what do you need to talk to him about today? Let it out, he is listening.


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