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Invite Stephanie to speak at your next event!


First and foremost Stephanie is a wife and a mother, but beyond those amazing responsibilities, what she is most passionate about in this life is encouraging people by holding out hope through her gift of storytelling. Whether in the counseling room, on stage, or through writing, Stephanie has the ability to share complex truths in the simplest of ways that are profound yet easy to grasp. 


God has allowed Stephanie to walk down many paths in her life, some full of extreme joy and others filled with immeasurable pain. What she knows to be true is that on both paths Jesus was always there. So, it has become her immense honor to point others to her Savior through the lessons He has taught her – there are many.


Stephanie is a very authentic, “what you see is what you get” type of speaker. She will not sugar coat the lessons God has taught her or give you flowery language to put a pretty “Jesus bow” on her life. Her belief is that people need honesty and vulnerability from Christian leaders and so she strives to be open and authentic whenever she teaches. 


While hope is the topic closest to her heart; Stephanie also loves tailoring messages specific to the needs of your audience or event. Please feel free to let her know of any special requests.

For a sample of Stephanie's teaching, visit:

What People Are Saying About Stephanie . . .

"Stephanie is a naturally therapeutic counselor and teacher. She presents in a very mature, concise, and understandable kind of way. Her delivery of complicated wisdom is done with passion and clarity allowing the listener a way in which to integrate her messages into their daily lives. She is a trusted colleague and a very talented communicator."

Norfleet H. Rand, MSW, LCSW

"Stephanie is one of the most dynamic, passionate, honest speakers that I have met. She shares her wisdom and humility with families, delivering hope to parents who are searching. Stephanie shares her story in a way that almost makes you feel like you were there, dragging you through the gutter all the way to gratitude. She uses her sense of humor and wit to capture the audience and I would strongly recommend her as a speaker to anyone who wants a solid message of experience, strength, and hope." 

Amy Weiland, CRADC, ICADC

"Our moms were mesmerized listening to Stephanie talk. All minds were focused on her every word, and she gained everyone's respect immediately because it was apparent that she was presenting her true self to us instead of being superficial."

Lynn Bacon

Mommies & Mentors Coordinator

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